Advanced Urdu

After completing this course you’ll have superior-level Urdu skills. You’ll be able to fluently express your feelings and thoughts in this language. You can read and understand Urdu newspapers, Urdu magazines, and the most common Urdu literature. You can enjoy Urdu programs on television and Urdu films and songs. You will also be able to enjoy Urdu Musharias and the poetry of various Urdu poets. Your Urdu translation speed will increase after this course. If you are a research scholar whose research work is connected with Urdu, an Urdu-speaking community, or with Urdu-speaking regions, this course will be a huge aid for your work. This course will help you reach an Urdu skill level at which you can speak, read, write, and understand Urdu as if it were your mother tongue. This course will allow you to complete exercises involving around 95% of the Urdu language’s possible grammatical constructions.


  • Grammar lessons created by Zabaan to meet the need for an advanced Urdu grammar
  • Short stories and handouts created by Zabaan to specifically correspond to each grammar lesson
  • Urdu: An Essential Grammar by Ruth Laila Schmidt-2004

Prerequisites: Intermediate Urdu

Total Number of Classes: 40 (each class being 1.5 hours)