Basic Urdu

A new batch of Basic Urdu will be starting soon. Contact us if you’re interested!

This class is a course on the fundamentals of the Urdu language. You will learn many constructions which you can immediately put to use in Urdu-speaking communities, and once this course is completed, you will be able to read and write in Nastaliq (the script of Urdu); respond to commands and make requests; carry out everyday conversations; acquire Urdu’s most useful vocabulary; understand and use a range of grammar constructions involving the past, present and future tenses; and gain control of Urdu’s most frequently used idiomatic expressions. At the end of this course, you will be able to continue learning Urdu on your own, or, you may enroll in our Intermediate Urdu course to continue your education where you leave off here.


  • Teach Yourself Urdu by David Matthews and Mohamed Kasim Dalvi-2007
  • Introductory Urdu (Volumes I & II) by C. M. Naim-2011 (Available for Purchase at Zabaan; Price Rs 290)

Prerequisites: None

Total Number of Classes: 40 (each class being 1.5 hours)