How We Teach

Learning a new language is a massive intellectual undertaking. But at Zabaan it is made manageable and enjoyable by following a sound approach and utilising tried and true teaching practices. With all our students we first focus on establishing a strong grammatical foundation and then proceed to activate their language comprehension and usage skills.


In our classrooms we strive to create a free and supportive learning environment so that the students can express themselves freely and learn the target language at their fullest potential. We regularly communicate the broader scope and overall goals of each session to the students so that they understand the relevance and practicality of each activity in the learning process. Grammar is taught through a wide variety of interactive activities and drills, in addition to explicit instructions so that our students learn and acquire the target language’s grammar as effortlessly as possible. Each session is sequenced according to the needs and progress of the student(s).

Materials Used:

In addition to the standard references at all levels (see the course pages), we select and use materials that are appropriately challenging and also relevant to our students’ life experience.


We evaluate the progress of our students informally during every session, in addition to providing feedback oriented formal evaluations periodically. Thus our students have ample opportunity to address their weakness and further develop their strengths along the way.