Why We Teach

Hindi, Urdu, Pashto and Sanskrit language classes have typically only been available in large universities and usually focus on reading and writing skills. The aim of such courses is less often geared towards students’ acquisition of the languages in all skill sets, as it is towards producing a select few who can handle the languages within academic contexts. This can leave out all those potential students who aren’t fortunate enough to have access to a university offering these languages, as well as those who want to learn for non-academic purposes.

To help widen the options available to every type of potential student, we’re offering our alternative and independently-run educational experience for individuals of all levels, goals, and backgrounds.  Whether you’re looking to develop basic- to advanced-level conversational skills to be able to converse with native speakers, or whether you’re conducting academic research on South Asia and need to be able to get through dense texts, we’ll work with you according to your individual goals.  Addressing and welcoming the needs of all types of students is our priority.