Group Classes

Go back to the familiar classroom setting with Group Classes at Zabaan! Taking classes along with peers is a valuable experience as we can learn from each other’s mistakes and keep each other motivated.

At Zabaan we maintain an optimal and supportive learning environment in all our classes by ensuring an ideal student to teacher ratio (never more than 10-to-1), organizing many low-pressure group activities, and paying individual attention to progress made by each student.

Group classes run in the evenings twice weekly. We also offer Intensive Group Courses in Hindi (60 hours over four weeks), which take place on weekday mornings or afternoons. Please see our Intensive Hindi Courses page for more information.

Dates for the Basic Hindi Group Classes are announced on the homepage so please keep visiting our website for updates. For joining a group class at intermediate and advanced levels, please get in touch with us so that we can evaluate your skill level and work out a suitable course for you.

For further information about courses offered at Zabaan please refer to our Course Page.